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Website development, building and maintenance has evolved from being interested into a serious hobby to a professional challenge.

My first sites were simple static HTML sites but lately it is commonly one of the two popular CMS tools Joomla or Wordpress. This allows for adding dynamic content, guest books, blogs and other fun components. And also the site-owner can easily adapt content himself. Depending on the desires, via the front-end or the back-end.

The very first site I built was in 2002 for Speel-o-Theek Kris Kras in Zeist.

Some sites I have maintained for a period of time after building and others I handed off to the owner and are no longer maintained by me. 

I have also, as member of a project team, created, decided on the structure, added (existing) content and maintained the site of HVN (Hemochromatose Vereniging Nederland). This site is built on another CMS: Webalive.

Below is an overview of the website I made. Of course this CRE & More website is part of that.
Click on the screen shots of teh sites to visit them and browse them (in so far they are still live of course).

If you are interested in your own Joomla or Wordpress website, neem contact me via email:

Best Regards,
Jos Teunissen

Joomla Websites

scherm MOMF

I developped a new website, build it and am now maintaining it.

scherm CRE 
Website for CRE & More

scherm EFG 
Website for Ellen's fotogalerijen.

scherm ELH

Website for Een Liefdevolle Herinnering 


scherm FAM

Website of Familie Teunissen

scherm ABS 
Website for Adviesbureau Spelen en Speelgoed, Leusden.

scherm KB

Webiste of Karmozijn Begeleiding. This site was built to replicate the look & feel of the existing HTML site yet now on Joomla CMS.

scherm HH
Website of Hospice Heuvelrug, Zeist. I do not maintain this site anymore since the entire Waranda groep, of which the Hospice is a part, has implemented a uniform look&feel for all of their websites in 2015.

Wordpress Websites

Scherm Gerdine van Kooten Uitvaartzorg

The lay-out of the website Gerdine van Kooten Uitvaartzorg I redevelopped and built. Created a new logo, uodated the entire lay-out and texts. Now maintaining this site.

scherm UZE

The lay-out of this website Uitvaarzorg Eefje was made by onther designer but before it was ready to go live, further development and maintenance moved to me.

scherm ITLA

This website I built specifically for a conference in 2017. After the conference the site has been removed.

scherm TSF

As partner of this company I gave the existing website a complete facelift. Next to that all partners together completely renewed the content. Since early 2018 I do no longer maintain this site.

Webalive website

scherm HVN

DThe HVN had already chosen to host the website through a bureau of a member. This bureau used Webalive. Together with them, I have developed and filled the site with existing and updated content. Maintenance now is with the bureau.

HTML Websites

scherm MAWebsite of Martin's Auto, Belchertown, USA.  This site was taken offline in 2016.

scherm CC
Website of Creator Consultancy, Dordrecht. Since 2010 this site is unchanged becuase it is used as a static business card.
Starting 2018 this site has been put off-line.

scherm KR
Website of the Stichting Kunstrijk, Zeist. Since November 2009 I no longer maintain this website.

scherm KMZWebsite of the Art Fair, "KunstMarkt", Zeist. Since November 2009 I no longer maintained this website. In 2012 iit was taken off-line.

 scherm KK

Website of Speel-o-Theek Kris Kras. This was my first site ever that I built 2002. It was taken offline in 2006.

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