Marianne de Valck logo PMSkopie blauwWith "Adviesbureau Spelen en Speelgoed" I maintain a close relationship since 2008. By delving into the business process and the business model I was able to develop the website in such a manner that it helps in structured information sharing, becomes an integral part of the PR & Marketing and of course a means of generating revenue.

For them, I design, build, improve, renovate and maintain the website. We have over the years and through several iterations gone from a simple static site to a site that is now based on a CMS so that the owner of the agency itself can simply write and publish her blog. For each new blog article automatically a message gets posted on LinkedIn.


A number of the books written by Marianne can be purchased through the site. For that I implemented an online shop.
Naturally, it is not lacking a guest book and visitors can also give a rating and/or add comments, directly underneath the blog articles. This site is highly appreciated by everyone who is involved with Playing and Toys: children's coaches, educators, play therapists etc.


A business website is the business card of intentions which the target groups must identify with. My intention is to draw attention to playing form many different audiences: From parents via childcare to teachers and workers in public (play) space.

That's what I am good at ... but I have no knowledge of technical capabilities that I can address these groups with and quite honestly ... I don't want to know.

That's what Jos Teunissen does for me.
He has my full confidence and has proven to be worthy of it. He literally and figuratively gives me the space to do what I am good at.

Marianne de Valck
Adviesbureau Spelen en Speelgoed, Leusden

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